Miracles and Healings at SCOAN: Testimonies Defy BBC Falsehood

Sources: Watched TB Joshua

In light of the recent fabricated and stage-managed BBC documentary raising doubts about the authenticity of miracles and healings at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) led by Prophet TB Joshua, testifiers at the Sunday service on January 21, 2024, came forward to share their powerful testimonies, countering the claims of deception and fakery.

One remarkable testimony came from Elizabeth, who, 18 years ago, suffered a fracture of the kneecap. Unable to perform daily tasks, she sought divine intervention at SCOAN. Through the prayers of Prophet TB Joshua, she declared, “It was the God of Prophet TB Joshua who gave me a second chance.” Elizabeth’s healing has endured, proving the authenticity of the miracles at SCOAN.

Abayomi, who suffered severe burns as a child, testified to the permanent healing he received 22 years ago through the prayer of healing by Prophet TB Joshua. Now, with a family of his own, Abayomi emphasized, “God’s healing is permanent in my life,” encouraging others to put their trust in Jesus Christ.

A Nigerian Police officer, Gift, shared how Prophet TB Joshua sponsored his overseas surgery after surviving a gunshot. Ten years after the intervention, Gift’s transformation remains evident, and he urged others to continue trusting in God.

Rosemary’s testimony added another layer of evidence, as she revisited SCOAN 11 years after her healing from a ruptured nasal artery. Not only did she experience physical healing, but the Prophet also provided financial support for her family. Rosemary affirmed, “The God of Prophet TB Joshua still remains the Almighty God, who heals, saves, and delivers.”

These testimonies stand as a testament to the genuine miracles and healings taking place at SCOAN, refuting the allegations raised in the BBC documentary.

Watch All Their Testimonies on YouTube, Link to the Video below:

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